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BGS Colloquium XI program

April 23 (wednesday)

08:00 Welcome and registration (main entrance of the Museum)

Manuel Valadares Amphitheatre:
09:00 Opening session
09:30 Ancient American Board Games, I: From Teotihuacan to the Great Plains
Tierry Depaulis (Paris)
10:15 The Game of Dashavtar
José Carlos Quadrado (ISEL)
10:45 · coffee-break ·
11:15 Some random thoughts on chance and skill
David Parlett (games scholar and games inventor)
12:00 History, exhibitions and activities - board games in a museum context
Paulo Dias (Lisbon University Museum of Science)
12:20 Cooperative strategies in board games
Paula Falcão (KDP Kepler)

Aurélio Quintanilha Amphitheatre:
Jogos Matemáticos, a Portuguese project
Alda Carvalho (ISEL)
12:40 · lunch ·
14:15 Board games in the Indian Ocean: Isopaedea of History
Alex de Voogt (Leiden University)
15:00 On the use of the chess game to represent famous battles
Pedro Palhares (University of Minho)
15:30 · coffee-break ·
16:00 Draughts and Academie des Jeux
Jurgen Stigter (TWA)
16:30 Alekhin's death: murder or natural causes?
Dagoberto Markl (National Museum of Ancient Art)
17:00 Origami's geometry
Liliana Monteiro

17:30 Visit to Laboratorio Chimico
Marta Lourenço (Lisbon University Museum of Science)
18:30 Welcome cocktail (main entrance of the Museum)

April 24 (thursday)

Manuel Valadares Amphitheatre:
09:30 Astronomy and astrology - a new invention of the king of Mysore
Rangachar Vasantha (Sri Krishnadevaraya University)
10:15 Origami: its history and mathematics
Fátima Granadeiro (Agrupamento de Escolas de Carcavelos),
José Manuel Rodrigues (ES Eça de Queirós)
10:45 · coffee-break ·
11:15 The use of pit and pebble games in education: benefits and limits
Jean Retschitzi (Fribourg University)
12:00 O Jogo do Crescimento and Collecta: Experiences of the use of board games in the implantation of new administration models in Brazilian companies
Brian Castelli Azevedo (KDP - Kepler)

Aurélio Quintanilha Amphitheatre:
Metromachia -- an ancient pedagogical game
Isabel Catarino (ES Pinhal Novo)
12:20 A transmedia comparison of game mechanics in board and digital games
Brian Magerko (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Aurélio Quintanilha Amphitheatre:
Education via a board game: understanding forecasting basics
Rozainum Abdul Aziz (University Technology Mara)
12:40 · lunch ·
14:15 Board games in ancient Ephesus
Ulrich Schädler (Swiss Museum of Games)
15:00 The sociable Goose
Adrian Seville (City University, London)
15:30 · coffee-break ·
16:00 Mathematical games
Maria das Dores Ferreira (University of Minho),
Pedro Palhares (University of Minho),
Jorge Nuno Silva (University of Lisbon)
16:30 An English riddle
Arie van der Stoep (University of Leiden)
17:00 The l'Attaque family of games: comparisons beyond a patent
Alex Voogt (University of Leiden)
Fred Horn (games inventor)
18:00 Official opening of the exhibition Mathematical Games Throughout the Ages
Mariano Gago, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education*
Ana Eiró, Director of the Lisbon University Museum of Science
Nuno Crato, President of the Portuguese Mathematical Society
Ana Simões, President of the History of Sciences Center of Univ. of Lisbon
Jorge Nuno Silva, President of Ludus Association

*to be confirmed closer to the event

April 25 (friday)

Manuel Valadares Amphitheatre:
09:30 A historical survey of combinatorial game theory
Richard Nowakowski (Dalhousie University)
10:15 On the puzzles with polyhedra and numbers
Jorge Rezende (University of Lisbon)

Aurélio Quintanilha Amphitheatre:
Goths, Vikings and Hanseatic town: gaming pieces from archeological excavations in Elblag, Poland
Piotr Adamczyk (The Museum of Archeology and History in Elblag)
10:45 · coffee-break ·
11:15 Why are games exciting and stimulating?
Aviezri Fraenkel (Weizmann Institute of Science)
12:00 Combinatorial games & BGS
Carlos Pereira dos Santos (ISEC)
12:20 Combining mutators and the math behind progressive mutators
Bill Taylor (Canterbury University)
12:40 · lunch ·
14:15 On problem design in games
David Wolfe (Gustavus Adolphus College)
15:00 Archimedes´s Stomachion
Henrique Leitão (University of Lisbon)
15:30 Group photo (main entrance of the Museum)
Visit to Bairro Alto
20:00 Conference dinner
(meeting point: 19:30 at the Museum entrance)

April 26 (saturday)

Manuel Valadares Amphitheatre:
09:30 Toward a classification of non-electronic table games
Bruce Whitehill (The Big Game Hunter)
10:15 Chess as a school sport: its relation to academic success and school integration
António Lago (Basic School Frei Bartolomeu dos Mártires),
Luísa Santos (Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo),
Pedro Palhares University of Minho
10:45 · coffee-break ·
11:15 Revival of traditional board games -- prospects and retrospects
V. Balambal (University of Madras)
12:00 Games as cultural practice: post colonial imaginations
Francisco Ortega-Grimaldo (Texas Tech University)
12:20 Opponent: enemy or complementary?
Gaspar Pujol (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya)
12:40 · lunch ·
14:15 The Game of Fifty-Eight Holes: new examples and new ideas
Irving Finkel (British Museum)
15:00 Mancala games in Brazil: is board game a media?
Maurício Lima
15:30 Game systems and rule mutators
João Pedro Neto (University of Lisbon)
16:00 Closing session
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